Critics of Eugene auditor measure off target

In the December 11, 2017, issue of the Register-Guard, chief petitioner and former Eugene City Councilor Bonny Bettman McCornack writes in a guest viewpoint:

Our all-volunteer petition committee, City Accountability, appreciates The Register-Guard’s recognition that we cleared a high bar to gather 13,500 signatures (Nov. 22, “Keep auditor vote simple”). That achievement puts our proposed measure, establishing an office of an elected independent city of Eugene auditor, on the ballot next May.

Thousands of people expressed deep concern about the city’s lack of accountability and transparency and were eager to support our proposal, now Ballot Measure 20-283.

As The R-G noted, “It’s hard to find anyone overtly hostile” to independent auditing — which is true, because detractors are covertly hostile. Opponents want to maintain the perception that they value accountability and transparency while vehemently opposing an elected independent auditor with the mandated authority and tools necessary to achieve those goals.

Opponents and detractors are currently poised to either undermine the citizens’ initiative with a competing measure on the same ballot or to aggressively oppose it. Attacks have already commenced with mischaracterizations of the effects of Measure 20-283 and by conjuring outrageously exaggerated consequences if it’s approved by voters. In reality, the measure’s provisions are sensible and reflect standard characteristics of auditors’ offices throughout the country. …

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