Alternative mocks ‘independent’

In the January 13, 2018, issue of the Register-Guard, former Eugene city councilor and Eugene resident David Kelly writes in a letter:

I know, and respect, some of the members of the group that pitched an alternative city auditor proposal to the Eugene City Council this week. However, what part of “independent” don’t they understand? Their proposed appointment of an auditor by the council and overseen by a review board also appointed by the council makes a mockery of the word “independent.”

The citizen-circulated initiative Measure 20-283 is a very well-written piece of legislation that will provide needed independent oversight of Eugene city government. It will measurably improve our governance, as have similar offices in cities all around the country.

The City Council should reject the addition of a second competing measure to the May ballot, and let Measure 20-283 stand or fall on its own merits. If the council proceeds, members are thumbing their noses at the 10,000 Eugeneans who signed the Measure 20-283 petition and accomplishing nothing except sowing confusion.

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