Police auditor not independent

In the January 29, 2018, issue of the Register-Guard, Corvallis resident Charle Lee Crawford Jr. writes in a letter:

In his Jan, 24 guest viewpoint, “Police auditor department has distinct function,” Mark Gissiner goes to great lengths, I assume, to explain how effective the Eugene Independent Police Auditor’s office and staff are. He attempts to make it sound as if that model would be acceptable instead of a totally autonomous auditor’s office and staff for the spending of taxpayer dollars.

I submit that his office is not independent. My evidence is the case of Eugene Police Capt. Sam Kamkar: A citizen review board that ends up being told by the city manager that it was incorrect in its assessment? Good government is sometimes painful if you have the people, and in Kamkar’s case the victim’s, best interest in mind.

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