Prove that Eugene needs auditor

In the January 27, 2018, issue of the Register-Guard, Eugene resident James McGean writes in a letter:

Is an independent city performance auditor truly needed?

The proponents of the proposal for creation of an independent performance auditor seem to believe the question no longer remains if an independent auditor is needed, and have shifted their focus to urging voters to approve their measure that will appear on the May ballot.

I have serious questions regarding the need for creating the position now. What specific problems have occurred in the past that make the proposed position an absolute necessity, and why does it deserve priority allocation of funds over other problems facing this community?

It makes no sense that during a time when we don’t have sufficient funds to repair roads and streets, repair and improve schools, meet pension obligations, etc., that so much effort is being spent to gain approval and funding for a position and program that falls into the “nice-to-have” category.

I urge the Eugene City Council to refocus its efforts to finding solutions to our far more urgent needs. I also urge the proponents of the measure to point out specific problems their proposal will eliminate that city staff cannot address without the benefit of an independent performance auditor.

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