Auditor has Trumpian ring to it

In the March 22, 2018, issue of the Register-Guard, Eugene resident Richard Young writes in a letter:

Ballot Measure 20-283 (independent city auditor) is the tail wagging the dog to the delight of those who have fought for years to assert their bias over what they consider the bias of Eugene’s city manager, the mayor and city councilors. But let’s be clear: There’s no such thing as “unbiased” when it is an elected position doing the work.

You only have to look at how electing judges impacts their behavior and judgments. The concept is as elusive as President Trump’s Mexican wall being sold here with the same cynicism and jingoism.

What the supporters of the measure are about is creating the highest branch of city government with no purpose but to serve their purpose. And what is their purpose? They have given the independent city auditor all the weapons and power to force the city government to their will. Yet the independent city auditor can refuse any request from the city for help.

Plus, the independent auditor can expand her powers as the sole interpreter of the position and expect her corrective directives to be acted upon without debate. It is downright Trumpian. And look at what Trump has accomplished in just one year. Makes you think.

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