Good leaders do an auditor’s job

In the March 31, 2018, issue of the Register-Guard, Eugene resident G. Thomas Gardner writes in a letter:

We moved into Eugene’s Ward 1 just three years ago from the Churchill area and since then have had our car broken into. Our neighbors have had property stolen, buildings in our neighborhood have been repeatedly vandalized (tagged), cars speed through the neighborhood, abandoned cars line our streets and the fall leaves still muddy gutters.

Meanwhile, the only time I’ve noticed police presence was when three different neighbors were “swatted.”

I respect former City Councilor George Brown; he represented the Ward 1. However, I disagree with him and others who want to hire a city auditor, regardless of which measure is being introduced. Rooting out fraud and waste, making suggestions for corrective actions and providing accurate information to leadership is the role of management in any organization. The role of leaders is to make sure managers are in alignment with those goals and are working to accomplish the goals of the city. So do we have a managerial problem or a leadership problem in Eugene?

Let’s spend our money on front-line workers and added policing instead of substituting for management and leadership. Besides, who will audit the auditor?

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