City-hired auditor defeats purpose

In the April 30, 2018, issue of the Register-Guard, Eugene resident Munir Katul writes in a letter:

As the first chair of the Eugene Police Commission and of the Police Civilian Review Board, I had the opportunity to interact with members of the Eugene city government and specifically the City Council members and the city manager’s office.

When the police auditor’s position was created, it was supposed to be “independent” while still reporting to the City Council.

Unfortunately, it did not turn out that way.

The council tried to manipulate the original police auditor and fired her successor interim auditor, thus demonstrating the need for an independent-elected auditor.

A truly independent auditor is worth whatever salary is needed for hiring an auditor of the highest caliber. If that person is from outside Eugene, it can increase his or her degree of independence by being free of local biases.

The most important fact is that auditors cannot be truly independent when they are hired by, and are responsible for, auditing the governmental body that hires them.

It is a farce and a waste of money to pretend otherwise. We have the local history to prove that.

I hope voters will keep these facts in mind and support the election of an independent auditor by voting for Measure 20-283.

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