City’s Smoke and Mirrors

In the April 19, 2018, issue of the Eugene Weekly, Eugene resident Ed Moye writes in a letter:

Someone pointed out to me that they hadn’t seen anything from the supporters of the City Council’s so-called “auditor lite” initiative. I couldn’t help but agree.

I have seen a lot from the supporters of Measure 20-283, the citizens’ initiative for an elected, independent auditor, but aside from a few garish yard signs intended to scare people from voting for any auditor, nothing from the other side.

Why so mum? I know a lot of people think the City Council’s competing initiative is just a cynical attempt to split the vote and destroy the citizens’ auditor plan, thus preserving the status quo. The actions of the supporters of the city’s proposal are making me suspect that this is correct.

The city’s proposal is just smoke and mirrors. Vote No on that, and vote Yes on Ballot measure 20-283. It’s a worthy proposal for an elected independent auditor that will provide effective checks and balances that have long been sorely lacking.

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