Council’s plan ignores city waste

In the April 24, 2018, issue of the Register-Guard, Eugene resident Margie James in a letter:

I find it interesting that Citizens for Sensible Auditing, the group supporting the Eugene City Council’s auditor measure, doesn’t even pretend to be making a case for the city’s proposal. The group seems to be focusing all its efforts on defeating Measure 20-283, the citizens’ initiative, though limiting that to a few yard signs that say “No Overpriced City Auditor.”

I can’t help but wonder: Overpriced compared to what? Compared to the overpriced City Hall that still hasn’t been built, despite over $7 million spent? Compared to the overpriced Multi-Unit Property Tax Exemption program subsidizing white elephants like Capstone? Compared to other overpriced direct and indirect subsidies to various developments that don’t benefit taxpaying citizens?

This group might not be mentioning its proposal because things about it cannot be defended, including the price. The citizens’ initiative has been up front about the cost of an effective elected auditor, and has also explained how the savings will offset the cost.

The council’s proposal comes without a price tag, saying it will cost less, but it could cost more. After all, as we know from bitter experience, most things from the city government end up costing much more than the taxpayers expected.

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