On auditor, 7 equals snake eyes

In the April 10, 2018, issue of the Register-Guard, Eugene resident Art Bollmann writes in a letter:

Steve Hiatt’s April 7 letter correctly pointed out Eugene’s need for an elected auditor.

But not just any auditor will do. Most people understand the difference between the citizens’ and the city’s proposals, but many are afraid of accidentally voting for the wrong one.

I have the same problem, even though I have been in favor of Measure 20-283, the citizen-initiated measure for an elected independent auditor, since I first heard of it. However, I found a simple way to keep them straight.

I think of the myriad problems with Measure 20-287, the proposal voted onto the ballot by a slim City Council majority: The auditor will be hired and can be fired by the council at any time. The auditor’s budget can be cut if the council finds results displeasing or embarrassing. His work plan will be determined by an advisory council with no qualifications other than the ability to curry favor with the City Council. The auditor’s performance will be reviewed in secret by the council. Indeed, Measure 20-287 seems designed to saddle the city with an auditor that cannot benefit the city.

When it comes to 20-287, if you roll a 7 it will come up snake-eyes.

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