Build trust, transparency with an independent auditor

In the May 11, 2018, issue of the Register-Guard, Eugene resident Michael Carrigan writes in a letter:

The debate regarding the public auditor issue in Eugene is generating a lot of heat. This frequently happens in a community like ours that is passionate about its politics. However, as the election approaches, it is time for everyone to lower their voices and look at the issue on its merits.

Our current system, with a part-time, mostly volunteer mayor and City Council, was good for Eugene when it was adopted. We were a small community where everyone knew one another, and a small city government worked. However, this form of government does not work for the community we have grown up to be.

As a lifelong activist, I have spent years working to ensure quality of life for our community and dignity for all who live here. To accomplish these goals, there must be trust and transparency. And after following this debate for months, I am convinced that the best way to build trust and transparency is with an elected independent auditor. Vote yes on Measure 20-283.

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