How will one more politician fix the problems?

In the May 6, 2018, issue of the Register-Guard, Eugene resident Joy Marshall writes in a letter:

I have thoroughly read the proposal, Measure 20-283, for an elected auditor for Eugene, and I find it alarming.

I’ve been active in writing and vetting legislation for years. I’ve seen many an idea that seems appealing on the surface, but how it’s actually written is critical. This measure would encourage people to be adversarial and litigious. The whole message of the campaign is that we can’t trust government; it is anti-public-spirited as a time when we should be coming together with respect and reason.

I believe that’s why the League of Women Voters, both city unions (AFSCME and the firefighters), The Register-Guard and many other thoughtful voices oppose it. It is also ironic that the campaign doesn’t trust our current elected city councilors to do a good job, but somehow electing one more politician will fix all of our problems.

I urge voters to be thoughtful about what we put in our city charter, and vote no on 20-283.

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