Auditing City Hall: Charter amendment would establish independent auditor’s office to save city money

In the March 30, 2017, issue of the Eugene Weekly, reporter Henry Houston writes:

A large calendar sits on Bonny McCornack’s dinner table. She looks at it, expecting a long process ahead for submitting a ballot measure to the city of Eugene. McCornack says she’s not sure whether the ballot title — to be written by the city attorney — will need to be appealed, which could hold off this measure’s appearance on a ballot or even force it to appear on a low-voter-turnout election.

She worries because this, she says, is a ballot measure the city of Eugene doesn’t want passed.

McCornack, a former Eugene Ward 1 city councilor, along with three other residents, plans to file a ballot measure for a city charter amendment to create an Office of Independent Audits. An elected auditor would lead this office, which would review all city operations.

Proponents need to collect 8,091 signatures — 15 percent of the votes cast for mayor—in 90 days to get the measure on a future ballot.

If the measure passes, the auditor would conduct performance, financial or any other form of review necessary to investigate reports of fraud, waste or abuse, McCornack says. …

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