Advocates For Independent City Auditor Deliver Petitions

On October 12, 2017, Brian Bull of KLCC reported:

A group pushing for an independent, elected city auditor for the City of Eugene say they’ve enough signatures to put it up to voters next year.

Bonny Bettman McCornack is a former city councilor and member of City Accountability.
“The auditor’s position and their tenure, their funding, is invulnerable to political agendas of the city council or the manager,” she tells KLCC.

“The auditor’s position is not vulnerable to turnover in the positions of the city manager or the council, those positions change, political winds change.”

McCornack says after the group weeded out non-residents and non-registered voters, they’ve roughly 11,900 signatures. That’s several thousand more than required to put the issue on the ballot come May 2018.

Currently, the City of Eugene uses contracted auditors. Mayor Lucy Vinis is expected to share findings from a study group next month that illustrate how other cities use auditors.

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