City writing its own auditor rules

In the January 13, 2018, issue of the Register-Guard, Eugene resident (and former Eugene City Councilor and Measure 20-283 chief petitioner) Bonny Bettman McCornack writes in a letter:

In the Jan. 11 article “Rival auditor plan advances,” Bonny Bettman was quoted as characterizing the group Citizens for Sensible Oversight as “city government insiders” Essentially the city of Eugene is writing its own rules for its own auditor. Pretending that the proposed draft ballot measure presented to the City Council Monday night is a “citizens’ measure” is a charade that will not pass the smell test.

The measure was presented in draft form. Councilors intend to vote to turn the draft over to city staff and lawyers who will review and finalize the language so the council can refer it to the May ballot to compete with Measure 20-283 for an elected city auditor. In reality, once the council hands it to staff, it is a city measure.

The council and the mayor cannot make-believe it is somehow a citizen effort. Taxpayers will be funding all staff and legal costs — not the small but well-connected group of citizens who presented it. The minute staff works on it — it is the city’s measure.

One co-chair from the mayor’s private committee (also with the competing proposal’s group) told the mayor’s committee that, “The city did not want the perception that they were writing the rules for their own auditor.” If council moves this to the ballot, then that is exactly what the city is doing.

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