Group Offers Alternative Auditor Proposal For Eugene

On January 11, 2018, Rachael McDonald of KLCC reported:

A group of Eugene residents has asked the City Council to consider a proposal for a city auditor. They’re hoping to place it on the May ballot as an alternative to measure 20-283.

Another group of citizens crafted measure 20-283 which would create an independent elected auditor position to oversee Eugene government. But Rob Zako with Citizens for Responsible Oversight says, while he agrees an auditor is needed, he doesn’t agree with the how of measure 20-283. Zako’s group has asked the City Council to consider their proposal.

Zako: “We think it’s important to have a choice and to show that there’s a choice. And we welcome debates, public discussion, op-eds, whatever. We would love to talk about how we have an auditor and we think in that way the community is going to get a better process.”

Zako says his concerns over Measure 20-283 include the fact that the position would not have any oversight from the City Council. He also thinks the more than $150 thousand a year salary is too high. Backers of 20-283 have criticized the alternative auditor proposal saying it’s trying to scare voters away from supporting their ballot measure.

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