Auditor: Nothing to fear, lots to gain

In the February 24, 2018, issue of the Register-Guard, Eugene residents Amy Isler & Frank Gibson write in a letter:

We support Measure 20-283, which would create an elected, independent auditor for the city of Eugene. We were not happy to hear that the City Council muddied the waters by asking to appoint its own auditor.

The council has nothing to fear from an independent, elected auditor who would have to prove her or his credentials.

What is at stake is how our local money is spent and how we are informed about that spending.

Our Eugene City Council and our mayor generally do a good job, but outcomes such as Capstone, or failures to inform in a timely manner, such as the rising cost of bids for a new City Hall, raise concern.

The issue, from our hurried homework after the (too) sudden announcement of the City Council’s alternative, is not so much keeping an eye on the council, but the ability of the independent auditor to subpoena bids and information from contractors the city works with. We appreciate our mayor and council. They have little to lose and should welcome an independently elected auditor, as does Berkeley and other cities. Nothing to fear; lots to gain.

Please join us in voting yes on Measure 20-283.

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