Avoid ‘don’t-look-don’t-find’ council

In the March 1, 2018, issue of the Register-Guard, Eugene resident Janet Bevirt writes in a letter:

On Feb. 12, the Eugene City Council majority put its own rules for its own “appointed” auditor on the ballot to conflict with Ballot Measure 20-283, which is for an independent, elected city auditor. Chris Pryor and another councilor rationalized this maneuver. They said they wanted to give the voters a “choice,” but if they really cared about giving voters a choice, they would put their over-budget, over-reaching, mega-million-dollar new City Hall project on the ballot.

Then Councilor Alan Zelenka claimed that he’s been on the City Council a long time and has seen no evidence of fraud or waste. How would he have — when nobody is looking for it?

And then when The R-G revealed that Russ Brink, Downtown Inc.’s executive director and friend of the Chamber of Commerce, was caught embezzling public funds, the city swept that under the rug by refusing to investigate all the previous years he was director, and then not filing criminal charges.

Do you really want the “don’t-look, don’t-find council” controlling the auditor? Vote no for a council-“appointed” lap dog. Vote yes for Ballot Measure 20-283 for an Independent, elected auditor who will be a watchdog.

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