Group at odds over wording of Eugene city auditor measure: Court will decide whether language of two Eugene city auditor ballot measures is too similar

In the March 1, 2018, issue of the Register-Guard, reporter Christian Hill writes:

The chief backers of a measure to establish an elected city auditor’s office are headed back to court, this time to contest the written summary of the competing ballot measure that also will appear on the May ballot.

The backers argue that the summary by former city attorney Glenn Klein for the measure, which would establish an appointed city auditor, doesn’t draw enough of a distinction from their own measure. City councilors referred the former measure to the ballot last month.

The backers filed a lawsuit in Lane County Circuit Court on Friday. They asked a judge to change the wording of the ballot measure so the difference between the two is more apparent to voters.

The backers are former Eugene city councilors George Brown and Bonny Bettman McCornack. They lead the group campaigning for their measure, Elected Auditor 4 City​ Accountability. …

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