Eugene City Council Candidates Weigh In On Auditor Measure

On March 30, 2018, Rachael McDonald of KLCC reported:

Candidates for two Eugene City Council seats spoke at a forum Friday.

Incumbent Ward 3 councilor Alan Zelenka is being challenged by Tom Bruno and Hugh Paterson the third. Ward 5 councilor Mike Clark has one challenger, Christopher Dean. Here’s what each had to say about the two competing Eugene City Auditor measures on the May 15th ballot.

Alan Zelenka: “I think the auditor is a very important thing and I think the city could benefit from it. The elected auditor proposal had 3 fundamental flaws for me that were fatal flaws.”

Hugh Paterson III: I am in favor of the independent auditor. It doesn’t make sense to submit the auditor under the city manager.”

Jason Brown: “We feel that the council actually has not enough oversight and that someone who is an outsider is exactly what we need. I need only say City Hall. What happened with the money with City Hall?”

Christopher Dean: “There’s a trust issue with city government and the people and they just don’t understand. How can we buy parkland but we can’t look after our parks?”

Clark: “I’m not particularly in favor of it, but I get the points that would make an elected independent auditor a good thing.”

The forum was sponsored by the City Club of Eugene and the League of Women Voters.

The entire City Council Debate will be aired on Monday night at 6:30 on KLCC.

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