News on the Eugene city auditor front

In the March 15, 2018, issue of the Eugene Weekly, staff write:

News on the Eugene city auditor front. Bonny McCornack of ElectedAuditor4CityAccountability and a chief petitioner for Measure 20-283 tells us that on Monday, March 12, Circuit Court Judge Rasmussen struck the word “independent” from the title of the city’s competing appointed auditor ballot measure. McCornack says, “For true independence the auditor cannot be appointed and supervised by the City Council and must be elected by and accountable to the voters of Eugene.” She argues that the city’s ballot measure “was designed to conflict with the citizens’ initiative, Measure 20-283,” and says the city measure “was so extremely fast-tracked that as of March 15 there are only five days for the city to submit arguments for the Voters’ Pamphlet and that measure didn’t have a number as of press time. Voters will weigh in on the auditor issue in the May 15 election.

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