Why is Vinis so afraid of an auditor?

In the March 31, 2018, issue of the Register-Guard, Eugene resident Dennis Casady writes in a letter:

In her March 26 guest viewpoint, Eugene Mayor Lucy Vinis followed the pattern she has established in previous op ed pieces: What begins as a “state of the city” report ends with its real message concerning the fearful specter of an independent elected auditor presented by Ballot Measure 20-283.

She likes to threaten that the proposed auditor office would be a “third branch of government” when, in reality, the auditor’s work would support the City Council and city manager by providing accurate information on which to base their policy decisions.

What an independent elected auditor would also do is make his or her findings public. Is that what is so frightening to the mayor?

Voters who want better information about their city government will support Ballot Measure 20-283.

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