City Deserves Trust

In the May 14, 2018, online edition of the Eugene Weekly, Eugene resident Rebecca La Mothe writes:

While I do believe that we need a Eugene performance auditor, I will vote for the appointed city auditor Measure 20-287. Had the 2002 Charter Review Committee, Performance Auditor Proposal (also calling for an appointed auditor) been referred to the ballot for a public vote and passed, quite possibly some of the problems and “mistakes” in recent years could have been prevented.

Communication problems between the city manager and the City Council might have been more efficiently negotiated with outcomes more successful. It’s a cooperative relationship-affirming proposal that may have worked very well for the past 15 years, much like Measure 20-287 could be a positive move forward today.

The opposing Measure 20-283 has from its inception struck me as having a punitive nature — “You have made mistakes and from here on out you will be supervised.” Others weigh the merits; I must also weigh the intent. I will always cast my ballot for cooperative, open and trust-building relationships with our elected officials rather than for punitive and mistrusting ones, especially at the local level — the very roots of our democratic system.

Please join me in voting “Yes” on Measure 20-287.

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