It’s Your Damn Money

In the May 14, 2018, online edition of the Eugene Weekly, Elmira resident Marlene “Mitzi” Colbath writes:

Although I live in the Elmira community now, I was one of the chairs of the 2002 Eugene Citizen Charter Review Committee that forwarded the recommendation for the elected performance auditor to be sent to the ballot in the early 2000s. The City Council at the time would not allow voters to decide its fate by not forwarding it to the ballot for consideration.

However, I am very encouraged to see that the citizens of Eugene are, after more than 15 years, finally being given this opportunity to vote on this important measure to improve Eugene city government. All eight of the committee’s other recommendations were voted on and unanimously approved by Eugene residents long, long ago.

As a career certified public accountant, municipal finance manager and auditor, I believe this an extraordinary chance to have an independent elected performance auditor voice for Eugene.

Remember this: It’s your money, your measure and your auditor — don’t squander this opportunity!

Vote “Yes” on Measure 20-283!

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