Don’t Fall for It

In the May 3, 2018, online edition of the Eugene Weekly, Eugene resident Brian McMurray writes in a letter:

This in response to Ed Moye (Letters, 4/19), who appears unaware there are Eugeneans who do not support 20-283, the elected auditor measure.

I for one believe this measure is flawed and is not worthy of our support. The claim is that it will provide an independent auditor and bring transparency to city government. Who wouldn’t support that?

The fact is that all professional auditors are expected to be independent, no matter how they are hired. The elected auditor must fundraise and campaign, and do it again every four years. The position then becomes politicized. Still independent? Who does this auditor report to? No one.

And there is no oversight. Transparent? The city-hired auditor, on the other hand, does coordinate with the city council — our elected representatives — and works closely with an independent oversight board. With this integration and oversight, the auditor would be more likely to achieve buy-in and cooperation from the various city departments they will audit — in other words, more likely to succeed.

Finally, the excessive budget and staffing levels of the elected auditor starts to look like the city gets another level of bureaucracy. Probably the last thing we need. And where is all that money supposed to come from? Unknown.

Bottom line, the elected auditor measure may sound good, but the way it is constituted, it is unlikely to produce the desired results. Don’t fall for the slogans. No on 20-283.

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