Measure 20-283 is wishful thinking gone awry

In the May 4, 2018, issue of the Register-Guard, Eugene resident David R. Newman writes in a letter:

Despite many lawn signs urging a “yes” vote for an elected auditor, questions remain. For starters, the measure implies: “OK, Eugene City Council candidate, I’ll vote for you, but I don’t trust you to do an honest job, so we’ll also elect an auditor to look over your decision-making/implementation shoulder and report back to us.”

Then there’s the question of using voters as a hiring committee. First, I do not know specific prerequisites, beyond those listed, that are essential to do a proper job. Thus, my choice is a political decision; that is, the candidate who runs a campaign appealing to me wins my vote.

There’s more: Because a candidate has basic professional credentials outlined in the proposed charter amendment does not mean he or she also havs innate qualities to go beyond uncovering inefficiencies and waste. This includes having sufficient power, perception, political skill and insight that will allow the auditor to persuade those in power to alter their course of action early enough to avoid the often-cited so-called past mistakes, including the demolished City Hall and the 13th Avenue and Olive Street student housing complex. In many ways, Measure 20-283 is wishful thinking gone awry.

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