Lane County Internal Auditor Begins Work

On March 9, 2015, Karen Richards of KLCC reported:

Lane County’s new internal auditor, Shanda Miller, started her job in mid-February. She was introduced to the public and the board of commissioners last week.

Miller spent the first few weeks in her new job meeting with various department heads, learning about what they do and the challenges of their jobs. County Spokeswoman Anne Marie Levis:

Levis: “As a performance auditor, her job very much is to look at efficiencies with the county, ways to do things better, ways to have cost savings.”

Miller is developing a work plan, which will then be approved by the county commissioners. Lane County had not had an internal auditor for several years, after budget cuts caused its elimination. Levis says H.R. considered contracting out the job, but scandals surrounding former administrator Liane Inkster convinced commissioners to reinstate the internal position.

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